Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Tune Wedgie: "Ho Ho Hopefully" by The Maine (I've listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving.)

Yes, I am still alive and kicking. With the holidays here and finals getting closer things have been insane. I have so much to update about.

First things first, I survived my very first Black Friday experience working in retail. I've never gone out on black Friday even as a shopper, so it was definitely an eye opening experience to say the least. My nine hour shift went by rather fast which was surprising considering I only got 3 hours of sleep the night before and I had to be to work that morning by 4:45 in the A.M. I got really lucky though, I only had one difficult customer to deal with and that kind of floored me. I had been braced for the worst and when that didn't happen I was pleasantly surprised, so it was a good day.

Second, my mom drove up from Florida Thanksgiving week and that was nice to see her. I hadn't seen her since I last visited her and my brother in July. Not that I'm complaining, but her visiting also added to the craziness of class and work. I was trying to spend as much time as I could with her so that made for a lot of driving around especially on Thanksgiving. I spent Turkey day with my Grandfather and his side of the family, because they asked my mom to spend it with them, so naturally, I wanted to spend the holiday with my mom and followed her over to his house which is a 3 hour drive from mine. Then of course I had to leave right after dinner because of working the next morning, which is part of why I got so little sleep.

Something especially interesting that happened while I was at my Gramps' house, my mom outed me in front of a couple relatives. We were all sitting around and talking and one of my Uncles that I only see a couple times a year was visiting from out of state and he mentioned meeting up with a couple of high school friends at a bar in town:

My Uncle: I'm not going to be gone long, I just want to have a couple beers and catch up with them.
My Grandma: Well just be safe, if you feel you can't drive call someone to come pick you up.
My Uncle: Mom, I'm not gonna to get hammered.
My Grandma: I know, it's just that the state police are out and I don't want you to get pulled over.
My Mom: Hey T, if you do get pulled over just give them Mom and Dad's name, they know everyone in this tiny town.
My Uncle: Don't worry if it's a female officer I'll be fine, haha.
My Grandma: Hah! That won't work if you get pulled over by Sara and Tom's daughter, apparently she prefers the girls.
My Mom: Oooh, a lesbian State Police Officer! What's her number?! Maybe we can get a date for Manda.

After that there was dead silence for a good 4 or 5 seconds where my Uncle snapped his head up, looked at my mom, looked at me and goes "When did this happen?" Of course, I started to blush because one, my mom made the crack about getting me a date to jokingly embarrass me (it works every time she does it too dammit, and she knows it, I so owe her big time for that one). And two, I was so not prepared to be outed, to both my Uncle and my Grandfather who conveniently pretended he didn't hear a thing and distracted him self with the Nintendo Wii. So as usual I had to field the normal questions of "How long have you known?" "For a while." "Are you dating anyone?" "No." "Why not?" "I'm just not interested in anyone right now, plus I'm really focused on school and dating again would be a major distraction at this point."

So yeah, that's what I've been up to these past couple of weeks. Also, I finished this book I was reading called "Water for Elephants" it was so incredibly good, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in somewhat historical fiction. The story is about a guy that becomes a veterinarian at a circus back in the 1930's, and there's a small endearing love story thrown in, but the book is by no means a romance novel so don't worry, plus it is very well written.

Have a good week, and happy hump day.

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