Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back From Canada

I'm baaaaack! I got back from Canada Sunday and I'm already wishing I didn't have to come back. I think I had one of the best times of my life there. It was so much fun, I experienced so many new things and met some amazing people. It was just an all around fantastic time.

Unfortunately, the downside to having so much fun and being so busy was that I couldn't update my blog at all. I started out with the best of intentions but that fizzled quickly once I realized I had zero time to do any of it. On the up side, I socialized, drank, worked...HARD, partied harder, made out, networked, chilled, and so much more. I'm still in awe of how great this trip was.

Instead of giving an entire rundown of everything, I'll just reference a few of the highlights.

Highlight #1: The Light Show
The last night we were all in Ottawa, a handful of our group walked up to Parliament Hill to watch a light show they do every year using Center Block as the back drop. It was sad, but at the same time heartwarming because after the show it really hit us that we were all going home the next day and we took tons of pictures and everyone was hugging each other like crazy.

What still makes me laugh about that night though was the horsing around we did. At one point I got tackled by one of the guys somewhat unintentionally. We were all getting up from the lawn to leave, I was the first to stand up and as one of the guys started to get up I jokingly pushed him back on the ground and tried to jump out of grabbing distance. Before I could get away he jumped up, tried to trip me, but his foot got tangled up in my legs and we ended up falling to the ground at the same time with him on top of my back. I'm only 5'3'' and this guy was nearly 6' so the size difference made it a little uncomfortable but I was laughing so hard I barely even noticed.

After that, one of the other girls and I were debating on whether or not we could pick him up. That probably wasn't the best idea, consider he and I had been drinking so we were both a little wobbly. Of course, as we tried to pick him up, we dropped him/he fell backwards because his balance was shot and we had overestimated how strong we were. Luckily he wasn't that far off the ground at that point so we were all laughing about it as we helped him stand back up. It was definitely a good memory of our trip.

Highlight #2: Making Out.....!!!
Ah, I can't even begin to describe why this is one of the highlights because it says it all in the headline. So the story behind making out was, one of the girls in the program came out as Bi, which I didn't think anything of it because a lot of college girls are Bi until graduation.

Well, the first weekend we all hung out and drank, everybody got buzzed or a little drunk. We were all having a good time, and I noticed that the Bi girl got a little touchy-feely with me. At first I didn't realize it, everyone was either hugging or bumping into each other or had their arm around someone in a strictly friendly way, when I noticed she was really leaning into me quite a bit. So I thought to myself "Hmmm, this will be interesting to see how far she's really willing to push it." Once the evening began to wind down, we were sitting on a couch talking and she had laid her head on my shoulder, and I absently started playing with her hand and intertwining our fingers together and I noticed she didn't pull away. After that it was pretty relaxed and we just cuddled the rest of the night until I fell asleep with my head in her lap listening to her talk.

I know what you're thinking, where does the making out come in? I'll get to that I promise.

For the next couple of days, I noticed we really hadn't had the chance to hang out and honestly I wasn't too concerned, we were both just enjoying each others company. But eventually I caught on to the fact that she was keeping her distance because she expected me to chase her. She would come up to me and wrap her arms around me and the moment I would start to reciprocate she would pull away.

If you know me at all then you can probably guess my reaction to that. I flat out didn't bite. I don't play those kinds of games. If you like me, fine. If I like you, even better. But don't throw me intentionally mixed signals.

Being the queen of non-verbals that I am, in response, I looked at her, raised my eyebrow, rolled my eyes and walked away. I remember, because that's the look I give everyone when I'm tired of dealing with their shit. As the rest of the week went by I didn't give the situation much thought. When she gave me a hug, or tried to link her arm with mine I made sure not to react so that it was obvious to her, I wasn't interested.

Eventually, she flat out asked me why I didn't like her. And I was honest, I told her it wasn't that I didn't like her, it was that I had no intention of playing a game of cat and mouse with someone and ruining the last few weeks I was in Canada. I could tell she was thinking about what I said, but I didn't wait around for a response before I was off enjoying myself with a couple people from our group. That may sound cold, but I really was there to enjoy myself and not worry about that sort of thing.

The next weekend, a few of us had planned to go out to a bar and drink a bit and she asked if she could come along. We were of the opinion the more the merrier so she was welcome to join us. I had pretty much forgotten about the drunk cuddling by that point. Little did I know, the moment we were alone at the bar, she would hit me with the news that ever since we hung out that first weekend she really wanted to make out with me. And of course, me being the thoughtful, educated, witty person that I am, I came up with an appropriate response. I laughed. Naturally, I apologized for laughing, but I couldn't help it.

Think about it for a moment and put yourself in my shoes. Here was this pretty girl sitting next to me that I wasn't particularly interested in, who, after a couple weeks of throwing around mixed signals, decided to come on to me while she was drunk, after we had only cuddled previously, while also drunk. Coincidence? I didn't think so, and I told her as much.

She denied it, of course, and tried to reaffirm her bisexuality by telling me about girls she had been involved with. All of which I noticed were linked to nights she had been drinking heavily, so it really didn't help her case, in my opinion. After she finished, we had gone through a couple more drinks and I was pretty drunk and feeling a bit reckless so I decided to call her out. If she was so adamant about proving she was Bi to me, then why didn't we just make out?

Again, I know what you're thinking. How would making out drunk in a bar prove that she wasn't only interested in girls when she was drunk? Truthfully? It wouldn't, but I was drunk, and in the mood to make out with someone. She was attractive and available, and it sounded like a good way to prove what she was saying at the time. AndIwasjustreallyinthemoodtomakeout.

At first I didn't think she would go for it. She kind of looked at me then looked around at all of the other people in the bar, looked at me again and responded with, "Now? Here?" I shrugged my shoulders and asked, "Why not?" I watched her as she thought about it for a moment and then I saw her build up her resolve and say, "Okay."

I had every intention of starting the kiss out slow and giving her a chance to change her mind, because I wasn't going to push her into something she would be uncomfortable with. I leaned in slowly but before I had the chance to kiss her, she put her hand around the back of my neck and pulled me the rest of the way in for a surprisingly hot make out session. I don't know how long we made out for, but I remember my immediate thought once we came up for air was, "wow, that was better than I thought it was going to be." I will hand it to the girl, she definitely knew how to kiss.

After that, all it took was a look and a grin from her, for me to realize she was thinking the same thing, and we were back to making out again. The rest of the night progressed like that and we made out between whenever people would come back to the table. All in all it was a hell of a lot of fun, and definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Canada.