Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Walking Dead Series Premier

Tonight the new series "The Walking Dead" premiers on AMC, and can I just say how excited I am about it? I'm SO stoked. I've been reading the comic series for well over a year now and finally caught up to date in May. So now, I look forward every month to that wonderful Wednesday when I can waltz on down to my comic shop and pick up the newest issue while fighting the urge to stand at the counter and read the entire thing. I hear they kind of frown on that.
I first heard of the series about a year and a half ago (which is when I started reading the comic books) right about the same time rumors were flying around about Showtime doing a series on the 100 Bullets comic book series. Now after all of the anticipation and slowly getting peeks at the show as they release new trailers it's finally going to be on!

TeeFury has a cool T-shirt today to celebrate some zombie awesome-ness, that way if you aren't a fan of wearing costumes you can still go out in style. I rarely ever wear a costume, but today I thought the shear fabulous-ness of what I'm wearing was worth mentioning. I'm going to a friends house tonight to watch "The Walking Dead" and I'm wearing a Buy More t-shirt that my mom got me.

You might be asking yourself, "why is that so fabulous?" 1) because "Chuck" is amazing. And 2) because where my friend and I work it's the perfect costume.

Happy Halloween to all of you celebrating it with Zombies and brains. If you're watching the show, enjoy, if not, why aren't you?!

Friday, October 22, 2010

I know I just posted about them yesterday, but...

I had to post this. On their blog, My Chemical Romance posted about a costume contest for those who come up with a Killjoy costume to win the box set of their new album. I figured it sounded like fun and couldn't hurt to try so I started scrounging around the house and picked up a couple things at the store. While I was in the processing of putting the costume together my little cousin came over and we decided to recreate the showdown scene from the "Na Na Na" music video.

The original...

And ours...

We both had a lot of fun playing around with it, her Killjoy name was JT Bomber and I was Pink Intrepid.

365 Project

I decided to start a 365 day photography project in an effort to tick off some of my fall list I made. Basically, I take a minimum of one photo every day and post it. I'm going to use tumblr for this because it's more user friendly and I like it. So check out my tumblr page to see what's going on.

My Chemical Romance

I have been a fan of My Chemical Romance since I first saw them in concert in high school. It was love at first listen/sight. I was originally going to a Green Day concert who they opened for. When they came on, Gerard Way, the lead singer, had so much stage presence and his vocals were amazing that I immediately went, "who the hell are these guys and why don't I have every album?!" From then on, the rest is history.

Imagine my excitement when they announced back in September that they were coming out with a new album titled Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Are you imagining it?
Well it was something like this...

Oh my god they're coming out with a new album!





Does Not Compute.

Emergency Shut Down.



Yeah, that was me freaking out right before my head exploded from all the excitement and brain matter went everywhere.

I love this band.

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love them. And I don't mean I just love Gerard Way and the music, no. I mean I love each and every one of them, Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob up until he left. I have each album, I analyze their lyrics, I read all of Gerard's comics, I check their website daily, I buy the freaking box sets just so I can read the little booklet thingies in there that no one ever reads. I. Love. Them.

I go above and beyond their normal fandom, and nearly into obsessive fangirldom.

So when I saw this I had another mental meltdown.

My first reaction was "RAY GUN!" My second reaction was, "I must have this now!" Sadly, their album doesn't come out until November 22nd so that means there's a little bit of a wait yet. But considering I've been waiting 4 freaking years for a new album, what's one more month?

For those of you that are skeptics about whether or not the new album is going to be great, feast your ears and eyes on this deliciousness.

(Did you catch Grant Morrison as the villain?)

Still don't think it's awesome? How about this?

If you still don't believe me then why are you reading my blog? Clearly there is something terribly wrong with you and you need to seek help immediately. No really, why are you still here? Just go. Now.

For those remaining, I love you. You're awesome. Don't change.

If you enjoyed the "Na Na Na" video as much as I did, here's a cool article that breaks down all of the pop-culture references hidden through out the video.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A serious and heartfelt post.

Yesterday, on my way to work, I watched an old guy ask the car in front of me for money. When they didn't even roll down their window before pulling away, he made his way toward my car. I could tell from the look of him, he was homeless. He and his clothes were worn and dirty, and it appeared he had a disability from the way he was talking. I gave him the last five dollars I had in my pocket so that he could get something to eat at the McDonalds he was headed to right down the road.

It's moments like that, that make me sad, that the car in front of me didn't even have the courtesy to roll down their window before driving away. And what upsets me the most when I see people just drive away, is I used to be that person. I would just give a wave and shake my head "no" before driving off.

I was young and I used to think maybe they were just lazy or had a drug problem and it was as simple as just cleaning themselves up and getting a job. I didn't realize that most homeless have a disability of one form or another or that someone could just be down on their luck and sincerely need a hand. Growing up in a world where you're constantly told to be suspicious of people's intentions, made me that way.

What began to change my way of thinking was one night, I heard my cousin complaining about her boyfriend giving homeless people money all the time, saying he doesn't know if they're buying drugs or lying about needing it. All he said was "I gave someone help when they said they needed it, what they do with the money is on them after that." Hearing him say that made me stop, and reevaluate my previous actions.

After that, I opened my mind to the idea that not every homeless person, or person asking for money was being deceitful. I began giving a dollar here or there when I felt they might actually need it. But I still used it as a tool to make me feel better about myself, as a way of saying "Look at me. I just gave that guy a dollar, aren't I truly magnanimous?" I still didn't get it.

A little while ago a group of friends and I decided to celebrate finishing our exams for the semester and walked down to one of the bars near campus. We were having fun, drinking beer and just enjoying being done with school for a couple weeks before the next semester started.

Things started to wind down and a friend and I decided to walk back to our cars together. As we were walking down the sidewalk and talking I happened to glance up and see a man digging through one of the street garbage cans pulling out a wrapper with a mostly eaten burger in it. As we began to pass by him, a group of high school aged girls and two moms passed by us. The girls caught sight of the man and started giggling and pointing. The moms briefly looked at the man and kept walking not saying anything to the girls.

That's when it hit me.

I was barreled over by a wave of pain and anger. My heart hurt for the man who was so skinny that his clothes hung off of him at odd angles and he literally had to hold his pants up because even on the last hole, his belt wasn't tight enough. I felt the anger boil up at the girls who just laughed and pointed. At the mothers who would walk on pretending like nothing was happening. And at a world where it was okay to do exactly that and feel no remorse.

As my friend and I walked on, she still talking away not realizing what had gone on around her, I was no longer listening. I was so torn up inside, my mind racing at everything that had taken place in that moment.

I stopped.

I had to make a decision. Could just I continue walking, having witnessed that moment, but do nothing?

In that split second I knew I couldn't do it. I knew that if I let myself become a product of an apathetic and uncaring world, so jaded by all of the bad things that take place, I wouldn't be able to live with the person I was about to become.

With my friend still walking, I turned and walked back to him, pulled out my wallet gave him the bill that I had in there, hugged him and told him to go get some real food. It only turned out to be a twenty but if it had been a hundred I would have given him that too. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I walked away before I could no longer hold back the emotions I was fighting so hard to keep down.

By that point my friend had noticed I was no longer walking with her and had stopped to wait for me to catch up. I stepped back into pace with her and I continued the conversation where we left off, not wanting to have to explain what had happened as we made it back to our cars.

Later that night, when I got home, I called my mom. Something I always do when I'm in need of comfort or understanding. As I began to tell her everything that had happened I felt my walls weaken. I couldn't hold back all of the raw emotion I was feeling and began to cry. I told her about my anger I felt towards the girls and mothers that just walked on as if it was okay to not care as they pointed and laughed at someone digging in a garbage can for food. I told her how in that moment I felt my heart break for the man who had to live in a world where it was okay, or at least it happened. And maybe he didn't even notice, but that still doesn't make it right.

And like I knew she would, my mother comforted me and understood how I felt. Explaining, that maybe those girls didn't understand but someday they might have their own moment of realization too. "Yeah," I said, "maybe you're right."

A couple days later, I saw him walking down the street with a Subway sandwich in his hand and I was just glad he had something to eat.

Now, whenever I give someone money for food or gas, or what not, I'm not doing it to make me feel better about myself. I do it because, maybe, even if only for one person, I can help someone who really needs it.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show


I just found this out today when looking at the ad for the store I work at. I can't wait. It's only $4.99 most places so it's even affordable. I'm so going up to work and buying it even though I'm not even working. I don't care. I must have this as soon as possible.

I've already heard the samples of "Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me" and "Science Fiction Double Feature" and they blew my mind, literally. No really. I had to clean up brain matter, it was that awesome.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Awesome Quote #1

"Being a busy adult sucks the fun out of everything. But that's what lists are for...they let you eat blanket fort dinners and take up photography."

~A wise woman (aka my best friend J.P.)

Even xkcd has a good point about blanket forts.


Why dinosaurs are awesome.

Funny Moment

While getting ready for work, I started singing this song that's been stuck in my head ever since I heard it.

Me singing: "I don't do girls, I just do boys with style and class"....wait a second.
Me: Oh fuck, I really hope that wasn't a Freudian slip.
Me: *foreheadpalm*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

I Don't Do Boys - Elektra

I came across this song while jumping from one tumblr account to the next and I have to say it beats Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" any day. It's catchy, the lyrics are fun, and the music video will make your head do that nice spinning thing.

Also, NSFW. You've been warned. In which case, you should totally watch it anyway.

I'm sorry Katy, your song was catchy but your faux lesbianism just doesn't do it for me. I need girls that don't just "like" kissing girls, they love it. This is one of those cases where it's not me, it's you, Katy. It's you.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Joel Burns - It Get's Better Project

I received this video in my email today from my mom with just the one line that said "This deserves 13 minutes of your time." With curiosity and interest I began to watch the video half distracted at first until the meaningful message of what Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns had to say hit me, and I couldn't tear my eyes away.

To see a political public figure stand up in support of gay teens and share his own story was a remarkable moment. Then to see the support of the people there at the meeting as they gave him a standing ovation was just as touching and meaningful.

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize his bravery and applaud him for standing up for what he believes in, in spite of the controversy it could cause. He became the hero so many kids, gay or straight, need right now.


I've decided to participate this year in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. For those of you that don't know what that is, I'll explain. No wait, let me sum up.

For the entire month of November participants have to write a 50,000 word novel. In the sake of meeting that goal things like writing style, editing and plot no longer need to take precedence. All that counts is cranking out those 50,000 words by midnight November 30th and that you crank it hard. As the site put it, "December is for editing."

I'm excited because this will be my first time participating in NaNoWriMo and my first time ever trying to write a novel. I have a vague idea of what I want to write about. A year ago I wrote a short story that I had forgotten about and came across last month. When I read it I remember thinking, "why didn't I write more?" But I don't know for sure if I'm going to stick with that one. I plan to sit down today or tomorrow and build an outline and see if I find the story interesting enough to build on. What I do know is, I'm going to win. I like a challenge and when I set a goal for myself I take it seriously and this is one of those times.

If anyone else is participating I wish you tons of luck and you should definitely be my writing buddy on the site!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sara Bareilles

One thing I love about Sara Bareilles, is with her music and her words, she has this amazing ability to capture emotion. More than once I have sat down and listened to her music to be trapped in a moment filled with memories and conflicting emotions because of how spot on she has come to describing those moments. It's this talent, that keeps me coming back for more and makes me buy her album without even hearing a single song first because I know it is, without a doubt, going to be good.

Songs like "Uncharted" or "Love Song" or "Gonna Get Over You" instantly made me fall in love with them.

While others like "Gravity" or "Breathe Again" have me diving for my iPod or laptop to change the song to prevent reliving painful memories and emotions I would rather stay forgotten. But while those songs leave me feeling too vulnerable to listen to them often, the realization that I'm not the only she has pulled those emotions out of is what makes them so great.

A few weeks ago I saw the music video for "Gravity" for the first time and fell back in love with the song. So, enjoy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Glee How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

After this weeks amazing Kurt Filled episode of "Glee", I didn't think things could get better, with Kurt's emotional version of the Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand" I was at an all time high. That was, until I found out "Glee" will be doing an entire episode of music from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

My head about exploded through the roof at this wonderful news. I have been a huge Rocky Horror fan since high school when one of my friends took me to see the show performed live as an early birthday present. In a way this show kind of made me confront my sexuality. You may be scratching your head in curiosity so I'll explain.

The first time I saw "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" I wondered why I found a guy who cross dresses hotter than any other guy I had ever seen/met before. I was about 15 at the time and had never had a crush on a guy or been even remotely interested in dating one. So I asked my self that very question until I came up with a possible answer, "maybe it's the clothes?"

I've always approached things very analytically, and so through the process of elimination I determined that it had to be the lingerie and make-up, because Tim Curry without them was not attractive at all in my mind. I began to put the pieces together, women wear lingerie, and women also wear make-up, hmmmm.

After that, I allowed myself to start to open up and ask the question I refused to even think about before, "What if I'm attracted to women?" The town I grew up in was extremely conservative so living in a place with that kind of mind set it rubbed off, and as a young teen I was very conservative. It took moving nearly halfway across the country to a bigger city with far more culture to learn that being gay wasn't the end of the world. And even then, it didn't happen all at once, it took time to even work up the courage to confront the very idea of being gay.

By the time I asked myself that major question, I had joined my high school girls basketball team and came in contact with what I thought was my very first lesbian, in the form of my basketball coach. After that there was no avoiding it, because at the end of the season, unless I'm forgetting somebody, of the 8 girls on the Varsity team 3 were gay, 1 was Bi and then there was me, straddling the fence (heh, straddling), not knowing where I belonged. So essentially the majority of the team was gay and I couldn't hide from it anymore.

I tested the waters with my mom and gave her the "I think I might be bi" speech. I was 16 by that point and still didn't know if I was gay. The problem was I certainly found women far more attractive to men, but I never really had any kind of emotional feelings toward a girl. A few months later a new girl was hired in at my work and I developed a pretty strong crush and I knew for sure. I was totally gay. I came out to my mom, ("Mom, I'm gay." "So?") not too long afterward.

So in my mind "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" will always have massive amounts of my love for helping a once entirely closeted teenage girl eventually discover a pretty important part of herself.

As such, I cannot freaking wait until episode 5 of "Glee".

Friday, October 8, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes, Meet Han and Chewie

I'm the biggest, hugest number one fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I have every Calvin and Hobbes book out there and one bad ass t-shirt featuring Hobbes as a real tiger and Calvin as an imaginary boy.

I got that t-shirt from a site called TeeFury. Ever since then, I've been a devoted follower and have picked up a couple of cool shirts along the way. But the day has come once again for me to bow to the wonder that is this site.

TWO of the best Calvin and Hobbes shirts I've ever seen, from one site?! It's unheard of, it's outrageous, it's divine! To top it off, it's a Star Wars reference as well. Be still my heart.

I guess some could argue it's a Star Wars shirt with a Calvin and Hobbes reference but they would lose.

In case you were wondering I totally bought the shirt. I'm even debating about buying a second one in case the first one gets ruined. Hey, don't laugh. Calvin and Hobbes lover for life, yo.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cee-Lo Green's "F**K You" Parody

If you're one to keep up on trends and hits on the internet then you've probably heard the new single out by Cee-Lo Green titled "Fuck You". From the moment I heard it I loved the song, mostly because it was reminiscent of classics like The Temptations and Al Green. The lyrics as well were amusing along with the music video.

Recently, I came across this awesomely geeky paradoy of Cee-Lo's lyric video.

I'm definitely interested to see if his album, The Lady Killer, lives up to the single if so I'll be the first in line to buy it at my local electronics store.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New series premiers and early cancellations.

"No Ordinary Family" premiered last Tuesday and to mix phrases, it blew my socks out of the water. It was smart, funny and, for those of us who grew up loving super heroes and wishing we had super powers, highly entertaining. "No Ordinary Family" shows how a regular family with all of their dysfunction deals with suddenly developing super powers.

With two great actors like Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz leading the show I didn't expect anything less than total perfection, and the show more than came through carrying a healthy balance of comedy and drama.

If there's one thing about me that has always remained consistent and that is my love for strong female characters.

To my delight, "Chase" delivered exactly that. Annie Frost, played by Kelli Giddish, is a U.S. Marshall who tracks down violent criminals. She's a cowboy-boot wearing, gun toting, bad ass who you can't help cheer on as she tackles the bad guys during the show. As an added bonus Rose Rollins who played Tasha on "The L Word" is a member of that same task force.

"Hawaii Five-O" continues to be somewhat hit and miss. While Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim do an awesome job playing their characters, it's Alex O'Loughlin and his character Detective Steve McGarret that I have a bone to pick with.

I'm not sure whether to blame the actor or the writers for the way Det. McGarret has turned out. He's brash, bullheaded and disregards the safety of his team when pursuing suspects. This in turn makes his character completely unlikable, which could be seen as the writer's fault. But with the way O'Loughlin seems to be over acting the character things come out forced and unrealistic to an audience. And I fear since the show is hinged on Det. McGarret as the main character, unless things even out with the writing "Hawaii Five-O" could be in danger of being canceled.

In the category of completely unexpected, one show "Raising Hope" has come out to be interesting and funny.

Last week after the "Glee" Britney/Brittany episode, I left the TV on while browsing online when it caught my attention that Shannon Woodward, who played Tommy Lee Jones' daughter in Man of the House and Di Di Malloy in "The Riches", was in it. I couldn't help watch the rest of the episode and it surprised me how good it turned out to be.

"Raising Hope" is about a young single father as he tries to raise a baby with the help of his very eccentric family, after his baby mama ends up on death row. If that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will, but so far it makes for a fun mix of comedy and ridiculousness.

In other news, shows that have been canceled already are "Lonestar" and "My Generation".

I didn't watch "Lonestar" when it came out mostly because it sounded uninteresting. A show about con man who is juggling two women at the same time? No thank you, I'll forgo my plate of womanizing in favor of a nice heaping helping of the strong female lead in "Chase".

Previously, I talked about how I was looking forward to watching "My Generation" and sadly it was very disappointing.

The premier was riddled with cliche's and was obviously riding on nostalgia alone so it was no surprise when the news came that it had been canceled after only 2 episodes. Not to mention the forced pairing between the characters was just too much for the average viewer to swallow. The only truly interesting event to happen during the first episode was the 2 second video cameo by Pomplamoose.

With the Fall TV season now in full swing I'll be cheering on my favorite shows in hopes that they'll avoid the axe and be renewed, and so far "No Ordinary Family" will be at the top of my list for new shows being renewed.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chuck, Glee and Dexter again?!

The first two weeks of Chuck, Glee and Dexter have been amazing. But really, would you have expected anything less? Seeing those shows on TV regularly, feels like being wrapped in a familiar old blanket, freshly laundered and still warm from the dryer. In other words it gives me the warm fuzzies.
Chuck and Dexter of course jump into things feet first setting up story lines for the rest of the season. Chuck and Sarah had some interesting developments in "Chuck vs. the Suitcase".

After the season 4 finale of Dexter the season 5 premier wasn't able to live up to the excitement but didn't disappoint either. It's going to be interesting to see Dexter's character development after everything he and the kids have been through.

On the other hand, Glee seemed to go on a little bit of a hiatus for the Britney/Brittany episode. I'm not saying I didn't like it, on the contrary without realizing it was possible I have fallen even more in love with Heather Morris' portrayal of Brittany S. Pierce and would gladly volunteer to have her babies. The episode just made me feel like I was in a bit of a drug induced haze the entire time I was watching it.

Even though there wasn't much story development, the opportunity to see Brittany not only dance (that girl has some amazing moves and abs) but sing too, and have more than one line was entirely worth it.

Next week, Glee finds religion in the form of a grilled cheese Jesus. This should be interesting.