Monday, October 4, 2010

New series premiers and early cancellations.

"No Ordinary Family" premiered last Tuesday and to mix phrases, it blew my socks out of the water. It was smart, funny and, for those of us who grew up loving super heroes and wishing we had super powers, highly entertaining. "No Ordinary Family" shows how a regular family with all of their dysfunction deals with suddenly developing super powers.

With two great actors like Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz leading the show I didn't expect anything less than total perfection, and the show more than came through carrying a healthy balance of comedy and drama.

If there's one thing about me that has always remained consistent and that is my love for strong female characters.

To my delight, "Chase" delivered exactly that. Annie Frost, played by Kelli Giddish, is a U.S. Marshall who tracks down violent criminals. She's a cowboy-boot wearing, gun toting, bad ass who you can't help cheer on as she tackles the bad guys during the show. As an added bonus Rose Rollins who played Tasha on "The L Word" is a member of that same task force.

"Hawaii Five-O" continues to be somewhat hit and miss. While Scott Caan, Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim do an awesome job playing their characters, it's Alex O'Loughlin and his character Detective Steve McGarret that I have a bone to pick with.

I'm not sure whether to blame the actor or the writers for the way Det. McGarret has turned out. He's brash, bullheaded and disregards the safety of his team when pursuing suspects. This in turn makes his character completely unlikable, which could be seen as the writer's fault. But with the way O'Loughlin seems to be over acting the character things come out forced and unrealistic to an audience. And I fear since the show is hinged on Det. McGarret as the main character, unless things even out with the writing "Hawaii Five-O" could be in danger of being canceled.

In the category of completely unexpected, one show "Raising Hope" has come out to be interesting and funny.

Last week after the "Glee" Britney/Brittany episode, I left the TV on while browsing online when it caught my attention that Shannon Woodward, who played Tommy Lee Jones' daughter in Man of the House and Di Di Malloy in "The Riches", was in it. I couldn't help watch the rest of the episode and it surprised me how good it turned out to be.

"Raising Hope" is about a young single father as he tries to raise a baby with the help of his very eccentric family, after his baby mama ends up on death row. If that doesn't get your attention I don't know what will, but so far it makes for a fun mix of comedy and ridiculousness.

In other news, shows that have been canceled already are "Lonestar" and "My Generation".

I didn't watch "Lonestar" when it came out mostly because it sounded uninteresting. A show about con man who is juggling two women at the same time? No thank you, I'll forgo my plate of womanizing in favor of a nice heaping helping of the strong female lead in "Chase".

Previously, I talked about how I was looking forward to watching "My Generation" and sadly it was very disappointing.

The premier was riddled with cliche's and was obviously riding on nostalgia alone so it was no surprise when the news came that it had been canceled after only 2 episodes. Not to mention the forced pairing between the characters was just too much for the average viewer to swallow. The only truly interesting event to happen during the first episode was the 2 second video cameo by Pomplamoose.

With the Fall TV season now in full swing I'll be cheering on my favorite shows in hopes that they'll avoid the axe and be renewed, and so far "No Ordinary Family" will be at the top of my list for new shows being renewed.

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