Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sara Bareilles

One thing I love about Sara Bareilles, is with her music and her words, she has this amazing ability to capture emotion. More than once I have sat down and listened to her music to be trapped in a moment filled with memories and conflicting emotions because of how spot on she has come to describing those moments. It's this talent, that keeps me coming back for more and makes me buy her album without even hearing a single song first because I know it is, without a doubt, going to be good.

Songs like "Uncharted" or "Love Song" or "Gonna Get Over You" instantly made me fall in love with them.

While others like "Gravity" or "Breathe Again" have me diving for my iPod or laptop to change the song to prevent reliving painful memories and emotions I would rather stay forgotten. But while those songs leave me feeling too vulnerable to listen to them often, the realization that I'm not the only she has pulled those emotions out of is what makes them so great.

A few weeks ago I saw the music video for "Gravity" for the first time and fell back in love with the song. So, enjoy.

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