Thursday, January 26, 2012

Conversation With My Mother Part...I forget.

I dislike grocery shopping. It's kind of boring and the other people shopping drive me nuts. So as a distraction I decided to give my mother a call:

Me: So in Karate there are two moms and their son in my class.
Mom: Oh really? That's awesome!
Me: I know, I thought so too! I mean I kind of guessed when I first started but I wasn't 100% sure and today I heard the boy call both of them "Mom".
Mom: Well you have always had good gay radar.
Me: Haha you mean "gaydar", and yes I'm pretty good at recognizing others.
Mom: Do they know you're gay?
Me: Nah, not many people guess about me. I fly under the gaydar.
Mom: You do?
Me: Yeah, I'm a stealth bomber! They don't see me coming.
Mom: *Choking followed by hysterical laughter*

I think I need that on t-shirt or something.