Saturday, February 18, 2012

Laundry Day

I've mentioned before on my blog that I live by myself. I have a little one bedroom house that I rent that is absolutely perfect for Coda and I. When I first moved in I debated about buying a washer and dryer but the house is so tiny they would have practically been in my kitchen and I wasn't a fan of that. On top of that I'm at my grandmother's so often that buying a washer and dryer wasn't necessary since I could just use hers and I ended up saving myself a couple hundred bucks by going without.

Every week I stop by my grandmother's to do my laundry, I throw the clothes in the washer and either stay and chit chat with her or head out to run some errands. This week I decided to stop by on the way to karate. I always try to time it so I make it back before the clothes are done drying because I know my grandmother, being a grandma, will just fold them for me, and then I feel bad. This time I was late getting back, the karate class ended up running long so by the time I got to her house the clothes were already dry and folded.

As I saw they were folded neatly in the basket I felt that pang of guilt I always get. Even though I tell her not to fold them if I'm late getting back, she does it anyway. Le sigh.

I ran up stairs to tell my grandma "thank you" before heading home. She stopped me on the way out.

"I wanted to talk to you about something I found in your laundry."

I freeze thinking, Oh shit, what could she have found? And then I realize there couldn't have been anything in there, I checked my pockets.

"A certain pair of underwear?" She says with a raised eyebrow.

Now I'm really lost so all I have to say is, "huh?"

"I found some boxers in with your clothes."

Still lost, my mind is now racing trying to figure out what she could possibly be talking about. And then it dawns on me. A few weeks ago I bought some new underwear that were boxer-brief style, but made for women, meaning less crotch material.

"Those are mine."

"Are you sure?" She looks at me suspiciously. "I thought maybe you might be having a guy over."

"Of course I'm sure! They're pink, you didn't think that kind of gave it away?"

"Well you never know now-a-days, and I wanted to make sure because I thought you liked girls."

"Yes grammy, I still like girls."

"Okay, I was just checking."

Insert *facepalm* Here.