Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hello Insomnia, My Old Friend

It's 5:08 in the A.M. and I've been fighting to fall asleep for the past 5 or so hours. I've decided to throw in the towel and admit defeat. I probably won't be getting much sleep. So instead, I figured I haven't posted a blog in a while, but since my brain is mush from lack of sleep I'm just going to post one of those fun 50-million-questions-you-never-wanted-to-know-about-me things. Here goes, and as a reward, I'll actually throw up a real post next time my brain is in proper functioning order.


1. What’s your favorite episode of Sex and the City?
I've never seen a full episode, so I wouldn't know.

2. What’s a big misconception about you?
That I'm not very friendly when I meet someone at first, when really I just get lost in observing people.

3. If you could have a free pass from your significant other, is there a celebrity that you wouldn’t say no to, if they wanted to sleep with you?
Lena Heady, or maybe Jordana Brewster, no wait, Katee Sackhoff. Can I just have all three?

4. Have you ever taken an anti-depressant for it’s intended purposes?
No, I've never taken anti-depressants. And even the people I've seen take them, I'm of the opinion they don't work most of the time anyway.

5. Do you like your neighbors?
Sure, the neighbor on the right is really nice and mows my lawn if I haven't had a chance to get to it during the week. Although the neighbors on the left are nice enough when I talk to them, I do get tired of hearing their screaming fights nearly every day.

6. What are the last 3 CD’s you’ve listened to?
3OH3!'s new album, La Roux, and Eminem's new album Recovery.

7. Have you ever had sex with more than 1 person in a single day?

8. What’s the last food/drink purchase you wanted your money back on?
The Southern style chicken sandwich at McDonald's that my friend talked me into trying. It tasted even worse than Crap-Fil-A.

9. Who is your favorite day time television talk show host?
Probably Ellen DeGeneres. If I'm home during the day and I see her show on I always watch it.

10. Do you like “big boy toys”?
What the hell are "big boy toys"?? I guess I would say I love my laptop and riding my uncle's Jet Ski's if that counts.

11. Do you sleep with your closet door open or closed?
Open, it makes it easier when I have to jump out of bed to get dressed five minutes before I'm supposed to leave for work.

12. Have you ever used sex to get your way in a situation?

13. What type of church do you attend?
None, I think religion is deeply flawed and people are even more flawed, so I find it very difficult to sit there and listen to someone preach to me about how I should be living my life. Over the years I've constructed my own spiritual beliefs that I'm happy with.

14. Would you rather have a bucket stuck on your head or a bucket stuck on your hand for 24 hours and why?
Definitely on my hand, I would go crazy if I couldn't see because I had some stupid bucket stuck on my head.

15. Who did you steal this from?
Some random blog I found through Google.

16. What is the last dead thing you saw?
A dead skunk or raccoon on the side of the highway.

17. Do you like playing Trivia games?
Yeah, I like to see how much random and entirely useless information I've managed to cram into my head.

18. Can you skate on roller skates?
Uh, well I used to Rollerblade all the time when I was a kid and skateboard, but it's been so long since I've done either that I would probably kill myself if I tried it now.

19. What are your favorite animals?
I love having a dog around, but I look forward to seeing the tigers at the zoo. Also, I love seeing the wild dolphins at the beach near my moms house when I visit her in Florida.

20. If you had to either milk a cow for an hour or shovel cow poop with a large soup spoon for an hour, which would you choose?
Milk the cow for sure. I would not be able to stop puking long enough to shovel the cow poop if I had to. I'm a city girl and not ashamed of it.

21. Do you know anyone in the military?

22. Which finger could you do without?
Prbaby either f my ring finger But that d make it reay hard t tye ith ut them (Wow that took a lot longer to type out than I thought it would.)

23. Have you ever slept out on the beach before?
Yes, it's one of my favorite memories sleeping in a just a sleeping bag staring up at the stars and talking with my friends until we all passed out.

24. Do you think you’ve ever been abducted by aliens and just had it erased from your memory?
Yes, yes I do. I've tried to tell people this, but they won't listen, they just keep giving me these pills saying it'll make it all better. But to make up for it they gave me this really cool white coat with these straps and two of my very own best friends that love to play tag and hide and go seek all the time and...Oh look! Here they come now in their van!

25. Do you know anyone who’s name starts with an M who makes you laugh a lot?

26. Do you think you would look good with a bald head?
Definitely not. I have a bumpy head and this weird flat spot on the back of my skull that I'm convinced I got from my mom dropping me at some point. So far she denies any knowledge of this.

27. How much do you pay for hair care products when it’s time to buy more?
How the hell should I know? I just buy more whenever I run out and don't pay attention to the price if it works.

28. How often do you go to a salon to get your hair done?
At the moment it's once every few months because I'm trying to let my hair grow out. And when I do go it's only to get it trimmed to keep the ends healthy.

29. In 5 words or more, how would you describe the person you copied this from?
No effing clue who they are.

30. Do either of your parents have any tattoos?
Yes, mom has a tattoo of a fairy.

31. Does your significant other/crush have any tattoos?
I don't have a significant other/crush.

32. Do you make yourself cry to get out of trouble?
Not since I was like 6.

33. Do you believe in Secret Society’s?
Sure, I've read the history books. Supposedly, there are still a few in place to this day.

34. Do you have a bad temper?
No, not unless you're the asshole who sees the lane merging sign and decides to floor it and pass everyone already lined up to cut over in front of them. Word of advice, it better not be me you're trying to push your way into traffic in front of because I will not budge. I have insurance and you'll be the one at fault, so please, do me the favor of getting me a new car.

35. When was the last time you used the restroom?
Uh, what?

36. Would you rather have the ability to make time stand still and start again at your whim or to be able to reverse time and do things over?
Reverse time, because if I screw up I could just do it over again.

37. Do you know your significant other/ ex significant other’s mothers name?
What's with all these significant other questions?

38. Do you remember your first crushes middle name?
No, I barely remember her first name.

39. Did you used to play with all the neighborhood kids when you were young?
Yes, growing up as a Navy brat I learned to make friends with the other military kids quickly.

40. What’s something about feminine hygiene products that doesn’t make sense to you?
I don't know. But I just have to say, "stirrups"? Really? They couldn't have thought of something better than to make it sound like you're mounting a horse?

41. Is there any movie that you have never seen but will NOT watch no matter what?
Any of the Peewee Herman movies.

42. Do you worry about burglars?
No, but considering what city I live I probably should.

43. Have you ever had real thoughts about suicide?
Yes, growing up I thought about it all the time to escape the shit I was going through, but the only thing that stopped me was what it would do to my family if I did.

44. Would you ever name your dog Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer?
Hell to the no.

45. Why do people name their kids things like Apple, Tulip, Peach, Diamond, etc?
I have no idea, you'd have to ask them.

46. What casino type card game do you do well at?
I used to be pretty good at Texas Hold 'Em, but it's been a while since I played.

47. Have you ever wanted to swim in a pool of Jello?
Haha, I used to joke about filling a pool with blue jello, but I don't think I would want to swim in it.

48. Have you ever physically hurt an object out of anger?
Huh? How can you hurt an object? I've punched a pillow to release some frustration or kicked something, but I doubt it hurt them in anyway since neither object has a nervous system.

49. Do you have a friend or family member who has a septum piercing?
Hah, no but my grandfather doesn't have any cartilage in that part of his nose from a botched surgery and I remember as a kid, always making him stick things through there and laughing like a goon.

Hmmm, for supposedly being questions I've never been asked this survey wasn't very original. I'll have to find a better one next time. Well I think now I might be able to get some sleep, here's hoping.