Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sexual Orientation?

Tune Wedgie of the Day: "Always" By Blink 182

I have orientation tomorrow for my new job, but I think it's funnier just to say I have a sexual orientation meeting tomorrow. Because deep down, I'm a 13 year old boy at heart and saying anything with the letters S-E-X in them make me go, heh

I don't know yet if they're going to have me start work this weekend after I finish orientation, which is kind of a bummer because if I did then I could plan my weekend around my hours since I'm up to my ear lids in homework this week. I managed to kill two classes worth of work but I feel like I barely made a dent since I have a pretty complicated project due on Wednesday. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I can find the time to get it all done.

Note to self: For future reference, don't coincide starting a semester at a new university with getting a new job, it waaaaaay complicates things. Like, majorly dude.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Filled With GLEE

For those of you that haven't tuned in yet, Glee is a new show that was picked up by FOX about a high school Glee Club and their struggle to make it a successful club. There's tons of singing and dancing, humor and satire which I love, but there's something I love more and it's the fact that the show is not afraid to tackle important issues.


If you haven't seen tonight's episode then what are you doing on my blog?! Go watch the episode, like, NOW. It's on Hulu. Go, shoo, and skip the rest of this post so that I don't give anything away.

Now, in tonight's episode alone they covered both teen pregnancy and coming out to a parent. While teen pregnancy has been addressed several times in a number of shows and movies, I still applaud Glee for tackling the issue, but it's how they handled the topic of coming out that I was really impressed with. Many shows, when addressing the issue of homosexuality, give it a negative connotation, especially the idea of coming out to a parent, there's usually a lot of screaming, crying, threatening to kick the kid out, etc., etc., you get my point. But this time there was none of that. They made it simple, they didn't draw out the angst of Kurt denying who he was and lying to his father, he was just honest with his dad and there was no fighting and crying, his dad may not like the idea of Kurt being gay, but that doesn't change the fact that he still loves his son no matter who he is.

That is why I fell so hard for this show. Glee wasn't afraid to tackle an extremely important issue in an honest and open way. What struck a chord in me is that Kurt coming out to his dad reminded me so much of when I came out to my mom. Coming out to a parent, or parents, isn't always a traumatizing experience, it can be scary, but it doesn't have to be hurtful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tune Wedgie of the Day: "Slow Dance With a Stranger" By Danger Radio

I know I know, I've been gone a few days, sorry about that. Things have been crazy busy here. My weekend was full, I went to a party on Saturday and then Sunday my Uncle dragged me out of bed hungover to go to a Detroit Lions game. Although they lost as expected I did have a good time. Then yesterday I was bombarded with a truck load of homework so other than a short nap I was working on homework almost all day Monday.

Right now I'm chilling in the food court waiting for my next class to start. I have a couple hours between my morning classes and my afternoon class. Normally, I go home and make myself lunch and just relax, but I figured I'd take advantage of the free time I have and get ahead on my homework that will be due this Sunday since I'm going to be starting my new job Friday. So I got myself a burger and some fries and got down to business on Spanish.

With my new job I'm going to have to start managing my time better since I'll have less time to do homework now. I got kind of lax since I've had the past month with no work and been able to just focus on school whenever I need to. Now I actually have time constraints.

Well, I'm off to my next class. Have a great day!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arrrr Matey!

Ahoy ye dogs! Hoist the flags, swab the decks you scaly wags, walk the plank! Today be talk like a Pirate day.

Okay enough of that, today the University of Michigan goes for their third win in a row and I'm very excited about that. After such a train wreck of a season last year I'm glad to see the guys finally get back on their feet a little bit. Hopefully they keep their guard up and beat Eastern Michigan today. Go Blue!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Procrastination is the Key

Tune Wedgie of the Day: "21 Guns" By Green Day

I think part of the reason I started blogging again was because writing blog posts enables me to procrastinate when it comes to doing homework. Currently, I have to read 7 chapters worth of material in my text books, but instead I'm choosing to update my blog for the second time today.

Classes are going great, most of them are pretty interesting. Spanish is the only class I find myself getting bored with but that's only because the stuff is all review from the last Spanish class that I had. But so far I've been a pretty good student, I actually study when I need to rather than just saying "fuck it, I'm just going to take the test and if I fail it, oh well." I actually haven't even been procrastinating that much, but then again it's still only the second week of class. Though, I have noticed when I study my Spanish too much I start saying my English words as if they were Spanish words. So I think I'm going to cut back on my Spanish for a little while.

Well, I've managed to kill 10 minutes writing this blog post. I guess that's enough procrastination for now, I'm off to do some boring textbook reading.

Kanye You Jackass

I'm sure every one has heard by now about the Kanye West fiasco that happened at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Well here's what President Obama had to say on that topic.

'Nough said Mr. President.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Relationships and Happiness

Earlier this evening I had a friend ask me why I've only ever had one relationship, well, the closest thing I've ever come to a relationship, and honestly I hadn't given it too much thought. So it got me thinking, why haven't I had more relationships? The only answer I could come up with is that I don't feel the need to be in a relationship constantly. I watch the people around me fight with their boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives and constantly jump from one relationship to another without even taking a breath and the only thing I can think is, I don't want that for me.

I'm too much of an independent person to want to rely on someone else to make me feel better about myself. I allowed myself once to depend on someone to be the cause of happiness in me, but after that relationship quite honestly tanked, I realized, I don't need someone to make me happy. I can be my own happiness, and in essence that makes me a much better person. Besides, if and when I decide it's time for another relationship, said relationship will be that much stronger because it's not constantly trying to carry the burden of making two people happy. A relationship should only add to a person's happiness, not support it.

I also saw that using a relationship as a crutch for happiness is highly unstable, leaving both members of the relationship prone to drastic mood swings. And one thing I strongly dislike, is the constant roller coaster of emotion a relationship can have on a person. It's just not for me, I need stability above all else.

Sure, I may miss some of the things about being in a relationship from time to time, like having someone to talk to about your day, but is that absolutely necessary for my own happiness? Nope. What is necessary for me to be happy is being able to stand back and look at where I am at in my life and say, "Yeah, this is where I want to be, no worries and no regrets."

And for the first time in a very long time, I was finally able to do that. I'll never forget the feeling of relief that washed over me. I felt the weight of years of stress and worry fall off my shoulders. To finally let go of the regrets I had over the mistakes I have made was so incredibly liberating. It was also a lesson very well learned.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Peeing in a Cup and Other Shenanigans

Tune Wedgie of the Day: "Coin-Operated Boy" By The Dresden Dolls

Today I had to go take a drug test for my new job. It's the very first time I've ever had a drug test and I have to be honest, it's not something I'd want to do all the time. I mean, it's kinda hard to pee in a cup, especially when the nurse or whoever she was is banging on the bathroom door telling you to hurry up. I felt like yelling back "I have shy pee dammit and you are not helping!" So, fan of drug tests, yay or nay. Nay.

On the up side I got to have coffee with a potential coffee buddy. It's always interesting when you're just getting to know people, learning about them and getting the cliff notes version of their life story. The only problem with me is sometimes I prefer to listen to other people talk rather than talk about myself, which probably makes me seem uninteresting but I really do enjoy sitting back and observing. For the most part I don't think the girl thought I was a total loser, which is always a good thing. So here's to making new friends!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Short Weekend

My weekend was cut a little short, but I still got to go golfing! Which is a great thing because I had been so looking forward to that. I had a lot of fun with my grandfather, he was so patient helping me golf since I suck at it so much. He was really funny too because if I hit my ball in a really bad spot he would go over and toss my ball into a better spot to help keep me on track.

I also went to the BBQ festival. I'm not normally a big fan of BBQ but some of the food I tried was AMAZING it was just so good. Afterward I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon on lake Michigan with my family loving the great weather we had Saturday.

The reason my weekend was cut short is, while I was on my way up to my grandfather's house, I got a phone call from they place I interviewed with last Thursday, asking me to come in for a final interview today. Well, it all went smoothly and as long as I pass my drug test I have a job! Freaking awesome, and I know I'll pass the test so I'm completely stoked to be starting my new job soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Off for the Weekend

Tune Wedgie of the Day: "Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down)" by The All-American Rejects

Today's interview went very well, I'm getting a second interview with them also, which is great because then that means I have a better chance at getting hired at one of these two places. They both seem pretty willing to work around my class schedule which is awesome, otherwise I'd have to turn both jobs down. School comes first since I don't plan on working at either place after I get my Bachelors degree.

Well, I'm off to enjoy my weekend of delicious BBQ and a lovely game of golf. See you Monday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

Tune Wedgie of the day: "Hero/Heroine" by Boys Like Girls

It certainly has been a busy week. With school starting and running around like a chicken with it's head cut off trying to switch a class to a new time in my schedule and going to job interviews I'm wiped out. I had an interview today, it went very well, and I'll be getting a call to set up the second interview (I have to make it through three to get the job) later this week. I have another job interview tomorrow morning, this one is for a different job in case the first one doesn't pan out. Gotta have a back up plan!

I don't even have time to catch my breath this weekend since I'll be going up to my grandfather's to a BBQ festival and we're going to play a round of golf while I'm up there. I'm not complaining though, I love being busy and having stuff to do. When I don't have anything going on and I have way too much time on my hands, it's like I don't know what to do with myself. I start to get really depressed and just in a funk, which is why I'm loving being back in school.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tune Wedgie

What's a tune wedgie? According to Urban Dictionary, it is defined as a song or advertising jingle that gets annoyingly stuck in your head. The definition is kind of obvious once you think about it, but I love the term "Tune Wedgie", I find it very amusing.

While I may not use the term very often, I do constantly get tune wedgies in my head. Sometimes they can last for weeks, other times it only lasts for a day, but either way, they can get annoying. Especially the ones that last for more than a day or two.

My latest tune wedgie has been "I Wanna" by All-American Rejects. They have always been a favorite band of mine, but I never seem to bring myself to buying any of their albums, I don't know why, it's probably a procrastination thing. But whenever I do hear their music the song or songs pop into my brain periodically through out the rest of my day until I've moved onto the next tune I'm humming.

With "I Wanna" the song has remained persistently tune wedgied into my brain. I cannot for the life of me get it out, it just happens to be a very catchy song, and it's the catchy ones that are the toughest to get rid of. At least it's a song I like considering I've been humming for the past week or so. I finally broke down and bought the album a couple days ago in hopes that it will help remove the wedgie, so far no luck.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So Far So Great

So far all of my classes are going well, but then again it's only the first day of class leaving the rest of the semester for tragedy to strike. There's nothing especially spectacular or exciting about any of my classes that I can see, but I didn't really expect there to be since most of them are pre-requisites for the Communications Program I'm going into.

This semester I'm taking Spanish, two Communications classes and a Journalism class. Spanish is pretty basic, nothing new there. Although, one of my communications classes looks like it's going to be hilarious, the prof teaching it was a laugh riot the entire class period. He's definitely not your average professor considering he dropped "fuck" and "shit" ten minutes in. So he'll definitely make the class fun even though the material we'll be covering isn't that exciting.

On the other hand, random fact no one really wants to know, all of my classes are pretty far from one another and in 15 minutes I have to climb a million stairs and run across campus like a maniac to make it to each one on time. It's really kind of funny to me, I don't mind, it's just going to make getting to class another interesting college experience. Not to mention I'm going to have some killer toned legs from all the stair climbing.

You may be asking yourself, why doesn't she just take the elevators? Weeeeelllll, it's not that simple, the lines to get on the elevators are pretty long, so if I wait to get on, I'll end up being late to class, as opposed to running up the stairs and making it to class on time. So for now, I'm taking the stairs.

Monday, September 7, 2009

School Is Back in Boys and Girls

I've always been the weird child who at the end of every summer, eagerly awaits the ringing of the bell that signals the beginning of the first day of school. Now that I'm in college I can honestly say I don't miss the bell but I do look forward to the first day of class in the Fall semester. There's just something about walking back on campus after such a long break and navigating your way through halls and walk ways filled with students and into a classroom you'll share for the next 15 weeks with people you've most likely never met before.

Although, this time is different for me. I've transferred colleges over the summer and now it's that much more exciting since I feel like it's my first day of college all over again. I have an entirely new campus to learn, which is much bigger than the last campus I was on.

Part of the reason I'm always so excited for classes to start again is that going to college gives me a sense of purpose in my life. When summer break rolls around, I always feel like everything comes to a stand still and the only thing passing is the time. With so much free time on my hands I get bored easily.

So here's to the first day of the school year, I'll probably be dying for a break from all the homework come the holidays, but for now I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

I Told You Not to Click That Link

Look what you've done! I told you not to click that link, now you can never ever leave! You're forever bound to wander the archives of my lovely little blog. I tried to save you from an eternity of reading my pointless ramblings but no, you just HAD to click that link.

Since you're going to be here for a while I might as well tell you what my blog is about. In a nutshell, it's my blog so naturally it's about me. Who am I you might ask? I'm no one in particular, no one famous, or exciting. I don't live a life on the edge filled with drugs, booze and parties every day of the week. I, am just your average college student trying to find a place and purpose in this chaotic and indifferent world we live in today.

As you've probably figured out by now, you can really leave whenever you want, but if you feel like staying then feel free to pull up a chair and get comfortable. If you decide to leave I hope you enjoyed your stay however brief or long it might have been. I look forward to seeing you again.