Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tune Wedgie of the Day: "Slow Dance With a Stranger" By Danger Radio

I know I know, I've been gone a few days, sorry about that. Things have been crazy busy here. My weekend was full, I went to a party on Saturday and then Sunday my Uncle dragged me out of bed hungover to go to a Detroit Lions game. Although they lost as expected I did have a good time. Then yesterday I was bombarded with a truck load of homework so other than a short nap I was working on homework almost all day Monday.

Right now I'm chilling in the food court waiting for my next class to start. I have a couple hours between my morning classes and my afternoon class. Normally, I go home and make myself lunch and just relax, but I figured I'd take advantage of the free time I have and get ahead on my homework that will be due this Sunday since I'm going to be starting my new job Friday. So I got myself a burger and some fries and got down to business on Spanish.

With my new job I'm going to have to start managing my time better since I'll have less time to do homework now. I got kind of lax since I've had the past month with no work and been able to just focus on school whenever I need to. Now I actually have time constraints.

Well, I'm off to my next class. Have a great day!

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