Sunday, September 13, 2009

Short Weekend

My weekend was cut a little short, but I still got to go golfing! Which is a great thing because I had been so looking forward to that. I had a lot of fun with my grandfather, he was so patient helping me golf since I suck at it so much. He was really funny too because if I hit my ball in a really bad spot he would go over and toss my ball into a better spot to help keep me on track.

I also went to the BBQ festival. I'm not normally a big fan of BBQ but some of the food I tried was AMAZING it was just so good. Afterward I enjoyed the rest of my afternoon on lake Michigan with my family loving the great weather we had Saturday.

The reason my weekend was cut short is, while I was on my way up to my grandfather's house, I got a phone call from they place I interviewed with last Thursday, asking me to come in for a final interview today. Well, it all went smoothly and as long as I pass my drug test I have a job! Freaking awesome, and I know I'll pass the test so I'm completely stoked to be starting my new job soon.

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