Friday, October 8, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes, Meet Han and Chewie

I'm the biggest, hugest number one fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I have every Calvin and Hobbes book out there and one bad ass t-shirt featuring Hobbes as a real tiger and Calvin as an imaginary boy.

I got that t-shirt from a site called TeeFury. Ever since then, I've been a devoted follower and have picked up a couple of cool shirts along the way. But the day has come once again for me to bow to the wonder that is this site.

TWO of the best Calvin and Hobbes shirts I've ever seen, from one site?! It's unheard of, it's outrageous, it's divine! To top it off, it's a Star Wars reference as well. Be still my heart.

I guess some could argue it's a Star Wars shirt with a Calvin and Hobbes reference but they would lose.

In case you were wondering I totally bought the shirt. I'm even debating about buying a second one in case the first one gets ruined. Hey, don't laugh. Calvin and Hobbes lover for life, yo.

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