Friday, October 22, 2010

My Chemical Romance

I have been a fan of My Chemical Romance since I first saw them in concert in high school. It was love at first listen/sight. I was originally going to a Green Day concert who they opened for. When they came on, Gerard Way, the lead singer, had so much stage presence and his vocals were amazing that I immediately went, "who the hell are these guys and why don't I have every album?!" From then on, the rest is history.

Imagine my excitement when they announced back in September that they were coming out with a new album titled Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Are you imagining it?
Well it was something like this...

Oh my god they're coming out with a new album!





Does Not Compute.

Emergency Shut Down.



Yeah, that was me freaking out right before my head exploded from all the excitement and brain matter went everywhere.

I love this band.

Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love them. And I don't mean I just love Gerard Way and the music, no. I mean I love each and every one of them, Frank, Mikey, Gerard, Ray and Bob up until he left. I have each album, I analyze their lyrics, I read all of Gerard's comics, I check their website daily, I buy the freaking box sets just so I can read the little booklet thingies in there that no one ever reads. I. Love. Them.

I go above and beyond their normal fandom, and nearly into obsessive fangirldom.

So when I saw this I had another mental meltdown.

My first reaction was "RAY GUN!" My second reaction was, "I must have this now!" Sadly, their album doesn't come out until November 22nd so that means there's a little bit of a wait yet. But considering I've been waiting 4 freaking years for a new album, what's one more month?

For those of you that are skeptics about whether or not the new album is going to be great, feast your ears and eyes on this deliciousness.

(Did you catch Grant Morrison as the villain?)

Still don't think it's awesome? How about this?

If you still don't believe me then why are you reading my blog? Clearly there is something terribly wrong with you and you need to seek help immediately. No really, why are you still here? Just go. Now.

For those remaining, I love you. You're awesome. Don't change.

If you enjoyed the "Na Na Na" video as much as I did, here's a cool article that breaks down all of the pop-culture references hidden through out the video.

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