Monday, September 13, 2010

My Summer Summary....And Fall Planning

This summer I...

Spent a month in Canada.

Caught up on my comic book reading.

Visited Canada's Parliament Hill.

Fell behind in my comic book reading.

Tried dating again.

Remembered why I swore off dating.

Learned I was stronger than I thought.

Learned to play Euchre.

Missed my mom and my brother.

Decided to take a short break from college.

Bought a new car because my old car died.

Started watching new shows like "Rizzoli and Isles", and "Covert Affairs".

Continued watching shows I already liked such as Drop Dead Diva and Being Human.

Made new friends.

Started a couple new projects.

Got a promotion at work.

Had a mild mental break down before realizing it just wasn't worth it.

Watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer again.

All seven seasons.

I <3 Joss Whedon

This fall I plan to...

Kick ass at my job and show my boss I really did deserve that promotion.

Watch the new seasons of Glee, Chuck, and Dexter.

Start even more projects.

Hone my photography skills.

Catch up on the stack of unread comic books I have sitting beside my desk.

Pick up my guitar at least once and play it.

Finish the picture I'm drawing for my brother's Christmas present.

Start exercising more so I can take kick boxing lessons.

See the new Harry Potter movie in theater.

Try not to pass out from excitement while waiting for the new "The Walking Dead" series to premier in October.

Visit my mom and my brother in Florida.

And last but not least...


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