Saturday, September 18, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove

It's been so long since I wrote regularly on my blog that it's been bumpy trying to get back into the groove of things. It doesn't help that I've been working every chance I get. But it has so paid off. Ever since I got back from Canada I busted my butt to get that promotion at work and today at our monthly store meeting I found out I won the MVP award for my department. It's not a big deal or anything but it shows me that my bosses have noticed I've been working hard.

Other than work, I've been focusing on a couple of my fall projects I outlined in this post. The one I'm focusing on the most right now is "honing my photography skills". When I got back from Canadia I talked to one of the guys I work with, he hosts his own online show as well as does event coordination and promotion. When he found out I dabbled in photography he got really excited because his daughter was having a birthday party that he wanted pictures for. So as a favor to him I did them for free as way to show him I really am a decent photographer. When he saw the pictures he absolutely loved them and has been passing my name around to some of the people in his circle since then.

Today, I got a call from one of his DJ friends who was looking to do a photo shoot for two album covers and head shots for his girlfriend. I'm excited because this will be my first real job as a photographer and not just as a favor to friends kind of thing. Last week I took some of my cousin's senior pictures so I'm really hoping to get together a portfolio of some of my photography to start showing people and maybe drawing in more jobs.

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and if it takes off, I'm wondering if I can turn it into a part time business. It's just a thought for now, because there would be so much I would have to do, such as applying for a business license and all that craziness. But I'm keeping it in mind for now.

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