Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Tune Wedgie: "Don't Rain on My Parade" By Glee Soundtrack Vol. 2

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! Finals are effing here. Like what the hell, didn't the semester start yesterday? I know it's been about two weeks since I updated and believe me I have missed you dearly my colorful little blog, but between trying to study and my work constantly calling me to come in, I have been hanging on by my teeth.

But first, before I go into what I've been up to I want to say MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 2 WEEKS!....fuck. 22? Seriously? Do I have to? Can't I just stay 21 forever? It's the perfect age, literally, not a child anymore, but still not quite a full blown adult. I can do all the crazy irresponsible shit I want to (not that I'm irresponsible that often, I'm really quite responsible when I think about it. Hmmm, that's kind of boring. No wonder I'm not interesting. Oh well, anywaaaay) without people telling me to act my age, because I am acting my age! At the same time, I can do the responsible thing and act all grown up making work and school my main focus in life without people telling me to chillax.

Hokay, so, I have been a Spanish studying, paper writing, quiz doing, hard at work machine these past two weeks and I have to say I am so amazed at how well I have handled all of the pressure of it. As usual professors love to slam you with everything at once but this time I was ready for it. The only thing I wasn't prepared for was working as much as I have been. I understand it's the Holidays and I understand it's retail but good god I have been working a lot of hours lately. I would just like to point out, this is me NOT complaining because wooh buddy when I get my direct deposit this Friday I am going to be in luuuurve with my paycheck.

My finals start tomorrow. I have Spanish in the morning and then an online final I have to do before Sunday. Then I have a final on Monday and Tuesday. If you're doing the dates in your head on those last two let me help you out, that's a final on the 21st and the 22nd. 3 freaking days before Christmas, it blows. Somehow the calendar just worked out that we started late so we're ending late this year. I really don't like ending this late, I'd rather start early.

In other news that is unrelated to school and work, we've been getting snow quite a bit lately. And I love snow. Although I don't like to drive in it so much, especially if it's icey it kinda freaks me out now since I almost got into that really bad accident a couple months ago. Which, now that I think about it I don't remember writing a blog post about it.

So, quick summary, it was raining and I was taking an off ramp probably a little faster than I should have been and my car started to skid towards the cement barrier that would keep my car from falling to the ground below which was a good 20 feet down. And normally the barrier would hold but as I started to skid I looked in my rear view mirror and a huge Ford truck was right behind me and he would have plowed right into me, which I have no idea if those barriers can handle a double impact like that. Talk about scary, it's a good thing I know how to pull a car out of a skid and I handle high stress situations very well. After it was all over, which it all only lasted about 30 seconds, I was eerily calm until the ramifications of what nearly happened hit me and the adrenaline kicked in and my hands started to shake. Not fun.

Back to what I was saying, I love snow. This morning when I got up to go grocery shopping, or this afternoon I should say (no work today, I finally got to sleep in! Hallelujah!), I stepped outside into a wonderful winter scene of beautiful fluffy white snow falling softly on the ground. That kind of snow is my all time favorite and every time I see it, the whimsical romantic that I try so desperately to keep hidden sneaks out and I have to suppress the urge to find someone to dance around in the snow with, or make snow angles with, or to just stand there with while catching snow flakes on my tongue.

Ugh, being a romantic sucks sometimes, especially during the Holidays because while I know I made the right decision in staying single right now, there's still a small part of me that just wants someone to hold hands with on Christmas day. The cynic in me just rolled my eyes as I typed that but it's the truth, being alone during the Holidays sucks no matter how cynical your heart is. For me this year it's going to be especially worse because I won't be spending Christmas with my family. Everyone is going down to Florida and spending Christmas with my mom and my brother as they do every year, but because I have to work the day after Christmas, I can't go.

Sigh, oh well I'm over it, I'll just watch "How the Grinch stole Christmas" a million times and make sure to call my Mom and bug the crap out of her on Christmas day. Because, in spite of spending Christmas alone this year, I have been in such a great mood these past few weeks that nothing, not even the Holiday blues, can rain on my parade.

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