Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Nights

"The Walking Dead" is on again tonight at 10 and if you're not watching it then you are ca-razy. This show is so freaking good I can't get enough of it. Tonight is going to be fun, I'm going over to a friends house to watch it. I'm glad I'm at least getting out of the house tonight, last night I was invited to a party but because I was just so tired from getting up ridiculously early for that meeting and then working that night I decided to go home and chillax instead.

There's going to be a few of us hanging out and it'll probably be incredibly geeky because I think every one of us has read the entire comic series. I was talking to the guy whose house I'm going over to and I mentioned I haven't read issue 78 yet (the latest one).

Him: Dude, don't read it. Wait until 79 comes out.
Me: Why, does something bad happen?
Him: No, it's just so damn good you're going to be pissed you don't have 79 to read after you're done.
Me: GAH! That doesn't help, now I really want to read it!

So I've been debating about reading 78 or holding off. Knowing me, I'm not going to be able to wait.

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