Monday, November 15, 2010

Julia Nunes: So Good Live

I'm so glad I got to see Julia Nunes live. She's such a talented musician. It's literally just her and her ukulele/guitar on stage. That's it, no drums or back up vocals to cover up any mistakes, just her. And what's even better she acknowledged when she messed up on a song and played the wrong chords and ad lib'd lyrics about playing the right chords next time, so funny.

As promised I got a couple shots with my camera for you. Although, I almost didn't. I don't understand why people do it, but it happens every single time I go somewhere to take pictures. This 6ft+ giant thinks "hey, I'm going to step right in front of the 5'3'' girl who has a camera in her hand and is clearly trying to take a picture." Ugh, I just want to knee cap those people and be like "hah, what now bitch? How's it feel to be down on my level? Not so great when I stand in front of you now, is it?" Sigh, anywayyyyy, I'm done ranting. Here are the pictures.

I love this one, it looks like she's about to cut someone in the audience.

Sing it girl!

And just for fun...I couldn't resist taking this one when I saw what was going on.

That girl was knitting the entire concert. I didn't get it either. I elbowed my friend and pointed her out and she literally turned to me and went "Yes, that sounds like a great idea, I would love to go concert knitting with you." Good times.

Sadly, I couldn't get a picture with Julia Nunes. My friend that was with me had no idea how to use my camera and when I asked her to take one of me and Julia she gave me a look that said "if you hand me that camera I am not responsible for what comes out of it." Looking at the picture after, if I hadn't seen she didn't have a single drink all night, I would have thought she was drunk when she took it. It was literally just a blur of color, so all I could do was laugh.

Like I said the concert was great as expected. She played her original music along with a few covers. The song that got the most audience participation was "Build me up Buttercup". It was great when a group of people from the audience started harmonizing with her, but the best part was after the song when she was talking about how Buttercup was a total bitch and needed to be dumped immediately.

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