Friday, November 12, 2010

Fresh Ink: Blair Butler Awesomeness

As my friend put it, I'm a "closet geek". I wouldn't necessarily consider myself to be closeted about my geekiness, but she says it's because to look at me, no one would assume I'm a geek so unless I wore a sign that said so, that makes me closeted. I can find several flaws in her argument but for the sake of this post I'm not going to get into it.

One, and probably the biggest, contributing factor to my geekiness is the fact that I read a lot of comics. I love DC, I love Marvel, I love Image, I love it all. So imagine my reaction when I found out not only does G4 pay someone to review comics for their website and go to comic-cons, but it's also a girl, and an extremely cute one at that!

Blair Butler does the Fresh Ink video reviews of comics that come out every week. She also reviews must read Graphic Novels, as well as features guest hosts such as Gerard Way and posts interviews with comic book writers and artists. She's funny, she's smart, and she's easy on the eyes so if you read comics and haven't checked her out yet, then what are you hanging around here for?

I first started watching Blair's reviews a year ago and even though it took me 2 whole months to go through her back log of previous reviews, it was more than worth it. From her recommendation I found comics I never would have thought to read. Not only does she do a good job reviewing comics and steering watchers away from comics not worth the cover price, she does it without putting the creators of the comic down. As she put it, she sees comics as the creators baby and no one likes to be told their baby is ugly.

Blair is smart in her reviews, she's knowledgeable about the writers and artists and her blooper outtakes at the end of every video are hilarious. So, check her out at or just click through for the website.

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