Friday, November 12, 2010

I Love You More Than All the Blog Posts In All the World!

I have a little cousin that's six and whenever she comes over we always hang out and have fun.

Clearly, loads of fun was had during that photo-thon.

She's always had this thing where whenever I say "I love you" to the little squirt she always goes "I love you more" and starts an "I love you" war. She always cracks me up with those and she has come up with some cute ones.

"I love you..."

"A thousand times around the earth."
"Longer than we could live combined."
"More than a whale can drink water."
"Bigger than the sky is blue."
"Bigger than the universe times a cajillion, million, thousand gajillion, KAH-ZILLION!"
"More than all the sand on earth. Even the ones at the bottom of lakes!"

But my all time favorite that she said today was...

"I love you more than how long a zombie could live!"

Ah, I've taught her well, zombies and all.

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