Sunday, November 14, 2010

Julia Nunes

Tonight I'm going to see Julia Nunes LIVE! How effing cool is that? I'm so flipping excited. She was in Michigan while I was in Canada and I was so bummed I missed her. I mean it figures, the one freaking time I'm out of the country and she's here? Damn.

But a couple months ago I was cruising her website and happened to click on her tour dates, and there it was. I literally squealed like a little school girl, called up my friend and told my work "sorry homies, Julia's in town, I need the night off."

So, finally, tonight's the night. I called ahead to see if the place her and Ben Kweller (heh, his last name makes me think of that Buffy episode with the "queller" demon) are playing at would let me bring my camera in and they said Yes! So you can look forward to some pictures tomorrow.

And with that I will say "Peace out!" and leave you to enjoy this awesome video of hers.

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