Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Feel Frustration Inside of Me

I've never been under the impression that I'm a particularly nice person all of the time. Granted, most of the time I don't have a problem with people so I'm nice to them but when they do something to piss me off I can be a royal bitch.

In all fairness I'm warning you that this post is most likely a bitch fest since I made an attempt to be civil and not go off on someone I considered a friend. So I'm venting on my blog.

I mentioned in a previous post that I met this guy I had a bunch of classes with last semester and he and I got along really well and began doing homework and studying together. Well true to typical college student fashion, he's a procrastinator. And usually I'm fine with that, I don't care either way because I'm a huge procrastinator as well. But this semester, things are just so insane with taking 17 credit hours and working, that I just don't have the time to meet up with him last minute anymore, so I've been trying to get him to work on his stuff earlier and meet me between classes so things aren't so rushed.

Last night I had work til 10pm and I knew I had a paper due this morning, but I know me and I knew I would be able to crank it out in a couple of hours and crash into bed right afterward so I got home and started working on it. He calls me about 11 or so asking me to help him write his paper. I was immediately frustrated because he knew we had a whole week to write the damn thing and he waits til practically midnight the night before to ask me for help. I just told him I didn't have my paper finished, but if he wanted to get together early in the morning before class I would help him then.

This morning I get up to campus early and he's a no-show. Fine, whatever, I say to myself, I had homework I forgot to do in another class that I needed to finish quickly before it started in half an hour. He calls me 20 minutes before my morning class starts saying he couldn't make it but he wants me to help him finish writing his paper over the phone. At that point I was officially pissed off. I'm willing to go out of my way to help a friend with whatever they need help with, but to throw my attempts to help back in my face then inconveniencing me to essentially write the rest of his paper for him was the last straw. I told him what he talked about of his paper sounded fine and I hung up before I could say something pissy.

Later on, I was running behind and walked into that class late and before I even had a chance to sit down in my seat he turned to me and started bitching me out for not telling him he had one of the theories in his paper mixed up. I tried to stay calm and just told him what I heard of his paper sounded fine and I didn't notice he had them mixed up. It was all I could do not to straight up tell him that's what he gets for fucking procrastinating and then expecting me to do the paper for him. I had completely had it by that point, and I think he finally noticed because he didn't talk to me the rest of class, which I was perfectly fine with.

And now I can feel my stubborn side kicking in, because I'm pretty much done going out of my way to help him. Anyone who has taken inconsiderate advantage of my periodic niceness can attest to the fact that I don't take too kindly to it. Sigh. End rant.

I'm done venting now. I just really don't like it when people do that shit.


Syd said...

Fuck a bunch of THAT. You might want to cut that little bastard loose.

Syd said...

And how in the HELL do you manage to have time to write a blog with all you are doing? Christ, woman.

Amanda said...

lol it's a precarious combination of time management, and multi-tasking. And I recently got it into my head that I would join a club too...Fuck, doesn't look like I'll be sleeping anymore.