Friday, January 8, 2010

Homework and "Chuck"

Aaaaaall byyyyyy myyyyseeeeeeelf, withallthishomework. Don't wanna be, aaaaaaall byyyy myyyseeeelf, dun dun duuuun, withallthishomework.

So classes started Wednesday and already I'm drowning in homework. In this sense I kind of miss high school. At least the teachers then gave you a chance to catch your breath before piling the work on. But noooo, college professors expect you to be prepared, and organized, and all grown up and shtuff. Not cool, just not cool.

As such, I'll be spending part of my weekend with my nose to the grind trying to get back into the swing of things. I totally got lazy over break getting to sleep in and do nothing that required more than the mental capacity of a gnat. Needless to say my brain is rusty.

Which is evidence by the way I sat in all of my classes with that glazed look in my eyes trying to force myself to pay attention and not think about how HOT one of my professors is. I have her for two classes in a row and towards the end of the day I was thinking it's going to be really hard to focus until she announced that she was pregnant and we'll be watching her pop since she's due in June, I thought to myself "Oh. Hmmm, she's still hot. Damn."

In other news, in honor of season 3 of "Chuck" starting this Sunday, I've been going through a small "Chuck" marathon. I love the show but I didn't get a chance to watch all of season 2 so I've been catching up. I forgot how much I truly enjoyed that show and its great writing.

So here's to "Chuck" and me not drowning in school and work this semester and having to give up on "Chuck" once again. Have a great weekend.

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