Thursday, January 20, 2011

You learn something new every day...

...even if it is useless information.

A customer came into work today and wanted to return one of the Xbox 360 Slims. We have to test that sort of thing so I took it over to the "nerd herd" counter to have it checked out, but when I saw they were busy I decided I would just test it myself since I'm familiar with them.

I plug it all in and turn it on and it powers up fine. I go to turn it off when I notice the power button feels different. I take a closer look and tap the button to power it back up and gasp in surprise.

Me: Oh my god the new power buttons are touch sensitive!
Nerd Herd Guy: Um, yeah...
Me: I didn't know that! (I stare in awe as I lightly tap the power button on and off a few times.)
Me: Wooooaaaaah. (At this point I see the manager staring at me)
Me: Don't mind me, I'm just easily amazed. (He cracks up at me as I package the Xbox back up to do the return.)

I couldn't help being so amused by the power button. It completely took me by surprise because I have tested and played with the new Xbox 360 Slim multiple times and I only just now noticed the power button was touch sensitive.

Hey, I see you laughing. Don't laugh, I'm the type of person that if you give me something shiny I'll be entertained for hours. Which just means I'm rarely bored.

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