Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fun at Work

I've mentioned before that I work with some interesting characters. One of them being the manager of my department. Technically, she's only the temporary manager while our actual manager is on maternity leave.

Anyway, this woman is hilarious. We had a small reprieve in the 30 seconds where there wasn't a line at customer service so I was trying to get things taken care of and put away when my manager comes up behind me and goes "Oh my god I have a cramp on my butt and it really hurts."

I paused for a moment thinking to myself, did she really just say that? When I realized she really did say that and cracked up.

"You have a butt cramp?" I asked her still laughing and she's kind of dancing in place when she says "Yeah it's right on the cheek and it hurts every time I walk!" I'm kind of just shaking my head at her with a bemused look on my face when a girl I work with at the desk comes up and asks why my manger looks like she's in pain, to which I frankly respond "D's got a pain in the ass."

Ah, good times.

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