Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OMG Automatic Loveletter

GUYS! Oh my god, guys! You will not believe what I just found! Automatic Loveletter released a full album! A full freaking album! I can't express how freaking excited I am!!!....!!!

Back in the day when I used to spend nearly all of my free time scouring Myspace and music stores for new bands I found Automatic Loveletter and fell head over heals in love with their EP. But now they actually have a complete album out with Sony!

From the release date it looks like the new album came out in June and I can't believe I'm only finding it now.

The new album is called Truth or Dare and from what I've heard of it so far it's pretty darn good. "Let It Ride" is really great and what looks to be the most popular song on the album. I think what I love most about Automatic Loveletter is that the lead vocalist, Juliet Simms, has such a unique sounding voice.

I am so excited I stumbled across her new album which was completely by coincidence since I was looking up a different artist and happened to see it in the "Listeners also bought" section.

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