Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Top 10 Most Listened to Songs of 2010

I saw someone do this on Tumblr and I thought it was a great idea since I love music so much.

According to Last.fm (which isn't entirely accurate because I never remember to sync my ipod, but it's as close as I'm going to get) my top 10 most listened to songs of 2010 are as follows:

10. "Fuck You" by Cee-Lo Green
This song was very catchy and I thought the music video was amusing.

9. "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles
Oh, Sara Bareilles, how I hearted the shit out of your music this year. I have loved her and her music since the day I found her on Myspace before she released her first major album. And I love that the rest of the world gets to share in something as lovely as her music with me.

8. "Uncharted" by Sara Bareilles
I think what caught my attention most about this song was the lyrics. While the instrumentals are of course amazing, I love how she's always heavy on the piano, the lyrics narrated a part of myself I rarely address. I have a slight issue with being painted into a corner and having things too planned out, which is a bit self contradictory since I plan everything. But every now and then I have to break out of my well laid plans and breathe before I suffocate myself from my need to have to control my entire future. Shit happens.

7. "Holden Caufield" by Hailey Wojcik
I really disliked the book when I finally read it because in spite of the main narrative of the book that people are ultimately effed up, beneath it all I couldn't get past the fact that it mostly sounded like a rich kid whining constantly. But one good thing came out of it, I probably wouldn't have loved this song as much as I did without having read the book.

6. "Gonna Get Over You" by Sara Bareilles
I don't think there's much more I can say about my love for Sara and her music without repeating myself ad nauseum. Lyrics and instrumentals, bitch.

5. "Amnesia" by Hailey Wojcik
Not only was Hailey Wojcik my ultimate Indie find of 2010, but she was my Indie find of the decade. I loved her music and lyrics immediately and "Amnesia" was a great commentary for many relationships. Since the release of this album she has teamed up with another fellow musician to release an EP titled The [VOY-check] which also happens to be the proper pronunciation of her last name, Wojcik. While I'm not a huge fan of the EP, I think it lacks some of the originality that her album Diorama was absolutely filled with, she is an extremely talented lady and worth a listen to, if you haven't already.

4. "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga
You really didn't think I was going to make it an entire year without Lady Gaga on my top 10 did you?

3. "I Don't Do Boys" by Elektra
This song was stuck in my head for the longest time thanks to it's ridiculously catchy lyrics.

2. "Boys Boys Boys" by Lady Gaga
I find it extremely amusing that this song was played just as much as "I Don't Do Boys" but hey, it's Lady Gaga and I absolutely loved the line in the song "you taste just like glitter mixed with rock and roll".

1. "In My Sleep" by Austin Hartley-Leonard and Kendall Jane Meade
I fell in love with this song at first listen. I remember I was wrapped up in a typically heart breaking episode of Chuck sitting in front of the T.V., clutching my pillow, shouting "Nooooo! Sarah you're meant to be with Chuck! Why are you doing this?!" when this song came on and everything in me stilled immediately and I was held in complete awe at how beautiful this song is and how perfectly it fit with that exact moment in Chuck.

And there you have it my top 10 list of 2010. Stop by next year around this time for my top 11 list of 2011! (See what I did there? Couldn't resist that one. I might just follow through on it too.)

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