Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Retail Craziness

With Christmas right around the corner things have been ridiculous at work. We're so busy every day I seriously wonder if there really is a recession going on in this country.

As usual, being so busy means I'm interacting with a wide variety of people, and for the most part everyone has been very pleasant and nice. But every now and then I would get an "interesting" character in.

Last night while I was working, this guy and his wife come in to pick up an order they placed at another store to pick up in our store. There's a slight delay in the system so we hadn't received the order and I told them it would be 10 or 15 minutes before I could pull the order up, but they were more than welcome to shop while I got their product and waited for the order to generate. The lady walks away and literally not even a minute later comes back to say she can't wait that long. I kind of raise my eyebrows in surprise because most customers just say okay and wander off for a bit.

So I double check with my manager, because I know a way around the system but it means we have to cancel the order and the store they placed the order with will lose the sale and we generally don't like to do that. I cancel the order and let the lady and her husband know they can just grab what they were buying and check out at the front registers and they won't have to wait for the order anymore.

They both head off again and I assume they're going to get whatever they wanted and check out but again the lady comes back and just stands at the customer service counter. I see her standing there and I'm thinking okay maybe there's something else she needs, so I ask her if her husband found the item or if they needed help with something else. The woman just looks at me and says "I thought you were getting it."

Mind you, it's almost Christmas time so customer service always has a line of people and all of us girls working the desk are busting ass to make sure we get everyone through as fast as possible. I say "Okay, give me a moment and I'll get it for you." I pull up their canceled order to see what they were getting and I see that it's a stereo system and I get the product number to make sure I grab the right one. On my way to get the item I pick up a cart for them so they won't have to carry it out thinking it'll be big but nothing I can't handle getting down.

I head to the department I know it's in and I see the woman's husband standing by a stereo system so I figure that's the one he must need. I look at the box and I think, "hmm, that's a bit bigger than I thought it would be but I can manage." The box is probably about 5 ft long 4 ft wide and 3 ft deep. I see one sitting on the bottom shelf and I go to pick one end up to slide it on the flatbed cart and immediately my reaction is "holy fucking shit this bastard is heavy."

I'm almost done sliding this huge ass box onto the cart when the guy goes "Wait, not that one. I want that one. The one you're getting has a hole in it." I look up to see where he's pointing to and I see another of the same system but higher up on a shelf about shoulder height to me. I look at the guy and back at the box and I'm thinking to myself "he's joking right?" I check to see what hole he's talking about in the box I have and see there's a small ding on the corner where it looks like the box might have been scraped in shipping but you can see that there is Styrofoam protecting the corners. I tell him as much but he still insists that he wants the other box.

To kind of give you a better picture of the situation, this guy that is telling me he wants me to get this stereo system down in a box that I could easily fit in with room to spare is about 6'2''. So I tell him it's going to be a moment, I have to run and find someone who can help me get it down. Normally, I'm the type of girl that's like "pfft, I don't need a guy, I can do it myself." And I can, but with the box being bigger than I was, I had to admit defeat and get help. I grab the first guy I see and he's really nice about me using him as the muscle and we reach up to start to move the box down when another guy comes up behind me and takes the box from me and the two guys get it down easily. They set the box on the cart and walk off leaving me, the freshly rescued damsel in distress, and I'm thinking to myself "way to reinforce gender roles Amanda."

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