Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School I Go

Classes started this week. I'm going to be a busy girl once again. I barely had time to say good bye to sleeping in until 1o'clock, or sitting around the house playing Xbox 360 in my pajamas, before I was scrambling to get all of my books together and make it to class on time. [Instert frowny face here.]

Once again all of my classes are 300 level which I expected since I'm finally going into my last year, although technically I won't graduate until August next year. Four of my five classes are typically what I expected, lots of work, lots of writing and research, but at least the professors don't seem terrible.

I can already tell my English class on Shakespeare is going to be my all time favorite. I'm already excited and I've only been to it one time so far. The professor is really enthusiastic about the plays, and we won't just be studying the scripts we're also going to be looking at the performances as well. We're going to be reading Titus Andronicus, Richard III, A Midsummer Night's Dream (Read it), Twelfth Night (Read it) and King Lear. My professor also arranged for us to go see Titus being performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario on the 24th, which I'm very, very excited about.

In other news completely unrelated to class, I got a new car. I effing love it, it's a 2006 Chevy, in a kick ass red, oh man I keep coming up with excuses just to drive it everywhere. This is the first time I've had a car that wasn't almost as old as I am. I'm probably going to post a pic just to show her and Coda off together. I have yet to really settle on a name for her; you know, every good car has to have a name. I've been leaning toward Penny maybe, since she is a saucy red head, but we'll see how that fits.

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