Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Kryptonite and Other Ramblings

I'm sure I've discussed this on my blog before but I have a weakness for shoes. Girly, I know, but I'm not talking about the pointy heeled ones. I'm talking about the super comfortable, wear-them-every-day-and-only-take-them-off-when-you-go-to-bed type of shoes. You know, the Converse kind.

I tend to form unhealthy attachments to my Converse. Any time a pair of shoes that I've been eyeballing on their website goes on sale it's an insta-buy. I can't resist. I get the shakes, break out into a cold sweat and whip out my bank card. On the less dramatic side, I rarely ever buy the shoes at full price, so when they do go on sale I grab them before my size sells out.

Tempt me with the promise of a new pair of Converse and I'll rob a bank for you. But then I'll keep the money for myself and buy more Converse with them. It's a vicious cycle.

Currently, I have 5 pairs; 2 Chucks, 3 Skater. There are 2 more pairs that I'm keeping my eye, but they're newer so they won't be going on sale any time soon. But I check it weekly anyway.

I need, help. It's seriously getting out of control. Do they have a self help group for this kind of thing? A Converse Anonymous? Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter because I wouldn't go anyway. I love my Converse way too much to give them up.

I'm excited because this weekend at work it's jeans and kicks days, which means we get to wear jeans and whatever shoes we want....Guess what shoes I'm wearing?

....The highlight of my week is wearing jeans to work


I lead such a boring life, but I kind of like it that way. It leaves me with plenty of "Me" time. The older I get the more I turn into a hermit.

When I'm not at work or school, I'm at home doing one of three things; sleeping, playing Xbox 360, or doing something on my laptop. Exciting stuff, I tell ya.

Between work and school though I'm "working" more than 70 hours a week so that doesn't make me sound like such a loser.

In other news, it hit me this week in class that I'm going to be graduating in a year so I need to figure out what kind of job I want to have when I finally get that little piece of paper that I paid a shit ton of money for.

I don't know what the fuck I want to do.

I'm not afraid to work hard so that isn't the problem. It's figuring out where the hell I should even be looking and how do I get my foot in the door?

It's such a terrible job market to be going in to that all prospects seem bleak.

Maybe I'll move to Hawaii and become a beach bum.

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