Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I was at my uncle's over the weekend. With Doug being here this week we've been making the rounds with the family so everyone can see him before he flies home. I hadn't been over to my uncle's in a few weeks so when I came up his sidewalk I wasn't expecting to run into a bush, which is exactly what I did.

One of his shrubs hadn't been trimmed and I didn't see the branch hanging over the sidewalk and it whacked me in the face.

My uncle was at the front door waiting for us when we walked in.

"I think your bush just attacked me," I said still rubbing where the branch hit me.

Without missing a beat my uncle respond with, "that's what she said!"

I couldn't help but laugh because it was absolutely perfect and unexpected. Sometimes I feel "that's what she said" is used way too much but at other times, it's the only appropriate response.

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