Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Post Buffet

It's been over a month since my accident. My hand still hurts from time to time. I can't really grip anything too hard or I get a sharp pain up to my wrist and it hurts just making a fist. My knee is still sore to the touch on the side. It doesn't hurt to walk on it but if I have to kneel down or squat it really hurts. That sucks the most because before my accident I had been doing a lot of different work out exercises and I wasn't having any problems with it at all and now I feel like I'm back to square fucking one. It's frustrating. The only cool thing out of it is the scar on one of my knuckles, although it itches like a bitch some times.

I still have a small bump on my forehead. I wonder if that's going to go away completely. The doctor said when the mirror hit me in the head it crushed tissue and it would take a while to heal. I remember when I went back to work after my accident one of the guys I work with noticed the bump on my head and asked me about it. I told him about the accident and how the rear view mirror hit me, and he points to the other side of my forehead and goes, did it get you there too? I looked at him for a second and said, uh no that's just how my forehead is. He apologized quickly and I cracked up at him because he's always so nice and his face was too funny not to laugh. To make him not feel so bad I told him not to worry, my forehead does stick out a bit.

New topic.

I took Coda up to my grandfather's at the lake last week. I've never seen a dog who fights me so hard when it's time for a bath have so much fun playing in the water at the lake. Seriously, she constantly tries to climb out of the tub when I'm washing her but the second she set paw into the lake she was splashing around like a mad pup. Crazy dog. It was fun to watch her having so much fun though. She even got to go for a boat ride, which I was a little nervous about at first but she was really calm and sat nicely the entire time.

She and my grandpa also became best buds. She would check on me through out the day but she followed him everywhere and he loved it. He kept teasing me about it and trying to make me jealous and I let him have his fun. He misses having a big dog of his own ever since my grandma got her two small poodle mixes and vetoed getting anymore bigger dogs. I'm hoping to go back once more before the end of the summer.

Switching topics again, I started watching True Blood. Holy fuck that show has a lot of sex, but when the writers aren't too busy making their characters have crazy monkey sex, the show isn't half bad, even funny with lines like "I'm a fairy?! How fucking lame is that?"

Although at times it does seem like an R rated version of Twilight with the whole Edward/Jake vs. Bill/Eric rivalry, especially since they've thrown werewolves into the mix.

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