Thursday, November 5, 2009

PostSecret Aftermath

Last night's PostSecret event was just amazing. Frank Warren is such a great speaker, he ended up sharing secrets that were banned from the books that have been published, and telling us a little about how PostSecret got started. Some of what he shared was funny, some of it was sad when he talked about coming from a broken home and dealing with bouts of depression in his own life, but most of it was hopeful. Frank talked about how out of all the secrets he gets so many of them deal with suicide and self harm. He shared a few ways to help friends dealing with depression and suicide along with telling us some of the work he has done with Hopeline.

My cousin and I both really enjoyed the event. I think the most memorable thing about last night was when people from the audience walked up to the microphones and shared their own personal secrets. That takes a lot of courage and some of them were so moving that I could feel my throat pull tight with emotion as my eyes began to tingle. One gentleman got up to the mic and talked about how the woman he loved most in the world, his ex-girlfriend, was at the event with someone else and he hoped that guy realized how wonderful of a person she is. Hearing the emotion in his voice was incredibly moving, even though it was such a sad thing to share. And I'll never forget how, as he turned to walk away from the mic back to his seat, one of the ushers patted him on the back when he walked by. To me, that single moment of connection and caring was remarkable. The entire night will be a good memory that I'm able to share with my cousin.

After the event was over, my cousin and I stood in line so I could have my book signed and since I knew she wouldn't buy a book for herself, I bought her one to have signed as well. She cracked me up because she didn't want me blowing money on a book for her saying "We're college students, we're poor, we can't afford $20 for a book." Then when I bought the book anyway she threatened to beat me up and lock me away, which was even more hilarious because she weighs like 95lbs soaking wet and couldn't throw a real punch if her life depended on it.

So all in all it was a good night, I got to share some quality time with my cousin and left with some great memories in my pocket.

This is a picture of my book that I got signed and my ticket. I loved that Frank signed all of the books in silver sharpie. I always take a silver sharpie with me whenever I go to concerts and get stuff signed so I thought that was kind of neat he used one. Plus he also stamped every book with that quote there, it says "Free your secrets and become who you are."

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