Friday, March 4, 2011

Lazy Day

Today, this was my anthem. And it was a wonderful day. I slept, I read, I played xbox, I read some more, I ate what I wanted, I didn't answer my phone when it said work was calling, I slept some more, I stayed up late. It was my fucking day and I owned it!

My work likes to call me to cover shifts, a lot. Part of it is my fault because usually I say "yes" when they call. But when I worked eight days with only one day off, I was starting to run a little ragged and I began to get tired of hearing "oh hey, I know it's your day off but can you work tomorrow?" So today, when I finally got a day off, I refused to do anything that involved leaving the house, getting out of bed, heck if I felt I even had to move too much I wasn't doing it.

And I'm off to be absolutely unproductive some more.

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