Sunday, March 6, 2011

Water for Elephants

A couple years ago a friend in class recommended I read a book called Water for Elephants, claiming it was her all time favorite book. So with a small amount of interest I picked the book up thinking it would be a casual read but instead I instantly fell in love with it, finishing the book in a couple days.

Today, to my complete surprise I was browsing a book store when I saw it was #1 on NYTimes Paperback best-seller list and printed down on the lower corner of the cover was "Now a Major Motion Picture". Five little words that can instantaneously strike fear and hope into a book lovers heart. Fear, that someone will go and ruin a story you love for a few extra dollars, and hope, that maybe it will be done properly and you will get to see a wonderful world come to life.

After running home and jumping on, I have to say my fear has been assuaged and my hope is in full blossom after seeing this trailer:

I have to say I am actually quite excited for this movie, it looks amazingly well done.

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