Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Lord In Heaven, WHY?!

I think I've mentioned before in another post that the people at my work are a wide variety of characters. There's the normal mixed in with the strange and the funny with the not so funny. And of course, this mix of personalities leads to some interesting conversations.

Here's the back story.

Lately, we've been cleaning the store like crazy because corporate is doing walk-throughs and we need to make sure everything in the store is nice and neat. While I was straightening up a shelf and condensing product, one of my supervisors came over and pointed to one of the items I was sorting and asks, "Do those work?"

Of course, in true sarcastic fashion I responded with "No, we put them on the shelf and we're selling them because they DON'T work."

She laughed and squinted her eyes at me before walking away.

A guy I work with who had been listening to our brief conversation come up and asked me "Do you know what else doesn't really work that we sell?"

I know this guy and he's usually really funny so I braced my self for a great punch line.

"Those light up drum sticks we sell for Rock Band."

"Oh, really?" I was kind of let down because I expected something funny. I should have known better than to let my guard down because no sooner than I finished my sentence did he go, "But I bet they make sex really interesting."

"Gah! What?? Why?! Why would you even think that?!"

He starts laughing, "I bet they would though! Just imagine, they'd light up places that aren't normally lit up."

"Oh good lord in heaven, WHY?! I'll never think of those things the same again. There's a reason those places don't get lit up, you know! I'm leaving, it's time for me to clock out. Ugh, you're so wrong dude."

Of course as I was walking away and shaking my head wishing I had an erase button for my brain, he was laughing his ass off at having effectively traumatized me.

Sigh, boys.

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