Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conversations With My Mother Pt....I forget.

Over Gmail:

me: hey, are you in your office alone?
Mom: No, I have someone coming in to work on my computer. Why? Need me to call you?
me: no, I was just going to send you something really funny but inappropriate for work to read.
Mom: oh that is ok you can send it. I look at porn most days.
me: WHAT?!
Mom: lol my job kiddo, porn pops up almost every day reading isn't going to get me into trouble

For those of you that don't know, my mom works at a software company and tracks down where malware and spyware are coming from. Which basically means she gets paid to surf the internet all day. And for your educational information most malware comes from porn sites.

What a fun conversation to have with my mother at 9:30 in the morning. What's even better is that after my initial shock, I just shrugged it off and we continued with our chat.

The link I gave my mom to read was this one. After she finished reading she messaged this back to me:

Mom: I so would love to respond with comments about bragging that my daughter is a lesbian and the reactions I get from previously sane folks lmao. much like her once I find out it bugs them, I fuck with them.

And yes, just reconfirm my mom does brag about me being gay in that whole "My daughter is an honor student!" "Yeah well, my daughter is a LESBIAN!!!" kind of way. It's true, I've seen her do it.

P.S. Someone needs to make a bumper sticker that says "My lesbian daughter could kick your honor student's ass."

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Wendy Lady said...

LOL... I would not only buy one of those bumper stickers I would share one with every 'Proud Parent of a Lesbian", I know. : )