Sunday, March 21, 2010

Madness Is Upon Us!

March Madness began last week. And I would just like to say, it is off to a GREAT start. While U of M is absent as usual (seriously guys, a girl can only have so much faith in her team, get it together!) my second favorite team, Michigan State, has been hanging in there, thankfully. UofM and State may be rivals when they play against each other, but I've always been of the opinion you support your state first and foremost even if it means supporting a rival.

Now, that their biggest competition was taken out of the running (suck it KU, you already won last year) I'm hoping they have a much better chance to make it into the final four this year.

Let's go Spartans! I look forward to seeing Sparty out there on the court shakin' his thang.

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